Monday, March 7, 2011

Irony at work

So, my Monday started off quite a bit differently than I expected. Normally Monday morning is reserved for catching up on email from the weekend, collecting log files from completed tests and starting new tests.

Let me back up...

I work for a hard drive company doing testing for products that have not been released. It's my job to work the bugs out before they get sold, so that all those wonderful customers can have "the best experience possible". Actually, it's a lot of fun and 99% of the time I love my job. Testing involves lots of results to analyze, test plans to manage, and products to rotate through the test plans. It's tedious, but again, I love it.

Ok, now that the background is done...

So, I got to work today to start my Monday morning ritual. Anyone that knows me knows that I am VERY routine oriented, and today was going to be no different. I got to work, took my meds, opened a soda and sat down to read my work email. The first email in my reader was from the President and CEO of our company. The title was interesting to say the least, so I quickly opened it. After reading about 2 sentences, I got an unfortunately familiar pit in my stomach.

The net of the email is that the company I work for is getting bought by a competitor. Currently we are a subsidiary of a larger company, and now we are going to be absorbed by a competitor. Helluva way to start a Monday, right?

Since the deal was just announced, there's NO information about who's getting to keep their jobs, where the offices will be located, etc. All we know is that as soon as regulatory reviews have been completed they'll start the integration process of the two companies. They expect the reviews to be done by the end of September. Sometime between now and then I expect to hear what the status of my job is going to be. Until then, I get to try to operate "business as usual" and continue to do my job the way that I've been doing it for the past few years.

Oh, and the kicker to all of this? The competitor that's buying us? Yeah, I used to work for them and they laid me off. I started with my new company after I'm going back again. At least, I'm hoping I am if they decide that I get to keep my job.

So yeah, my Monday has pretty much sucked. I hate Mondays. I hate acquisitions. I hate early morning announcement emails.